How to apply JOINTEX Easy Joint.

June 20, 2018
Grouting made simple. Follow this easy to read guide on how to apply JOINTEX Easy Joint for quick and efficient application.

Suitable for natural stone paving and setts, JOINTEX Easy Joint is a ready to use pavement mortar. Available in three colours - Nuetral, Grey and Basalt this product is ideal for DIYers or professionals wishing to complete their patio, pathway or courtyard area with a high quality mortar product.

The below installation guide was prepared by the product manufacturer, offering easy to follow instructions on how to sucessfully apply JOINTEX Easy Joint.

1. Clean the Joints

Start by cleaning the joints at least 30 mm deep and at least 3 mm wide. Do not forget to then thoroughly clean the surface to be pointed.

2. Wet the Surface

Make sure that you very thoroughly wet the surface (use lots of water) to be pointed so any gloss film is restricted to a minimum. You must also always keep the surface moist at high temperatures. This film disappears in the course of time due to weather influences and use. Remove the lid, open the bag and fully scatter the joint mortar. Then use a broom/squeegee to sweep the joint mortar deeply compacting into the joints.

3. Remove Residue

Then rinse in with a fine spray so better compaction is obtained. Repeat to fully fill sagged joints as necessary. Only use JOINTEX Easy Joint on a draining surface such as a pebble bed, stabilised sand or grit. Do not use on a concrete surface with an insufficient gradient (at least 2 %). When the joint has been completely filled, after waiting for a short while for the product to harden, rinse the surface again to remove the last residues. If still necessary, any other residues may be swept away with a soft broom diagonally to the joint.

4. Allow to cure

Joints compacted/filled with water have a significantly longer curing time: Approx. 36-48 hours at 20°C outside temperature and 65% relative humidity. When pointing with JOINTEX EASY JOINT without water being sprayed, the curing time at 20°C is: can be walked on after approx. 8 hours and fully loaded after 3 days. Put any JOINTEX Easy Joint (without plastic bag) left back in the bucket and put at least 1 cm under water (from the top of the joint mortar) then close the lid. Can be used for approx. 4 weeks after this time.

5. Caution

With very light, or unknown types of stone with open pores the joint mortar can cause discolouration. It is therefore recommended to try on a test surface beforehand. Temperature for use: > 0°C ground temperature. Shelf life: at least 12 months after production date. Use after opening. Do not mix, strongly porous.

6. Watch A Video

Better familiarise yourself with this technique by watching videos on youtube, here is a great example by The Paving Expert.

We highly recommend downloading and reviewing the product safety & technical data sheet prior to application. This can be found here in the product download section. 

Please be advised that McMonagle Stone is a distributor of JOINTEX Easy Joint, the above application instructions and technical data sheet have been provided by the product manufacturer for guidance. McMonagle Stone will not be held responsible for any injury or material damage as a result of the misuse of this product.