PROTECTIT Sandstone Cleaner

Say goodbye to unsightly dirt, algae, moss or black spots on your Sandstone with McMonagle Stone's 5 Litre PROTECTiT Sandstone Cleaner. 

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Pack Size: 5 Litre
Average Coverage (m2): 20 - 25 m2 per 5 Litre
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McMonagle Stone offers a Sandstone Cleaner called PROTECTiT Sandstone Cleaner which can be used to remove organic and microbiologial soiling from sandstone substrate. If your fed up with dirt, green slime, algae, moss and black spots on your beautiful sandstone then this is the product for you. The surfaces can then be simply rinsed with water withour using a pressure washer. High penetrating power, waterborne product. DOES NOT contain potassium hydroxide, hydrochloric or phosphoric acid, quaternary ammonium or solvents. It does not alter the colour of the sandstone surface. To ensure safe and efficient application we recommend reviewing the below instructions and health & safety guidelines prior to application.


  • Shake the container well before use. 

  • Do not dilute or mix with other products. 

  • Alway carry out a test small area first to ensure finished result is acceptable. 

  • If there is a thick layer of fungi or moss, firstly use a broom to brush off as much as possible before applying. 

  • Apply in dry weather on a damp surface. 

  • Leave ideally overnight (which is the preffered method) or at least for a minimum of 60minutes. 

  • Allow for more time in cold weather (<10°C).

  • Rinse with water / jet wash and use a broom to brush away. 


  • Do not apply on metallic or impremeable materials. 

  • Do not allow product to come into contact with plants, shrubs or grass. 

  • Do not apply during rain, frost or when surface and air temp is <5°C & >30°C. 

  • Do not dilute or mix with any other product. 

  • Never proceed without carrying out a test patch to ensure surface compatibility. 

Shelf Life & Storage 

24 months from the date of manufacture in the original unopened container. Keep in dry place between <5°C & >30°C in the original container. 


Benzalkonium Chloride 0.92%, 2-phenylphenol 0.249%, Sodium Hypochlorite 6.90%

Cleaning Equipment

Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with water. Do not mix with acids or other cleanning products, may release dangerous gases (chlorine).

Please note that McMonagle Stone is solely a distributor of this product. We cannot fulfill sample requests for prepacked sealers and cleaners that contain chemical agents. Our 'Request A Sample' function is for natural stone material sample requests only. We will endeavor to meet all requests however in instances where a sample request cannot be fulfilled we will respond to advise.

SKU Cleaner
Stone Origin UK
Brand Name PROTECTiT
Material Sandstone
Size 5 Litres
Coverage / m2 15 - 20 m2 per 5 litre
Paving Suitability Pathways, Patios
Sealers/Cleaners Suitability Sandstone, Remove dirt/algae/moss & black spots caused by lichens
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  • Samples: Our natural stone samples are generally delivered by An Post and therefore only a small material piece can be sent to help give our customers a better understanding of the general appearance and nature of the product. Depending on the product type, some samples may not be true to form for example building stone sample requests are simply too large and heavy to send via post and therefore a smaller, cladding sample of the same material will be sent in its place. We always recommend visiting our display area to view the material in reality should you have any concerns relating to size or colour prior to order. We try to offer samples for all our products but sometimes due to low stock we may not be able to fullfill your request for certain non stock iteams i.e porcelain. We also cannot fulfill sample requests for sealed adhesives, grouts, sealers and cleaners that contain chemical agents. McMonagle Stone is solely a distributor of these products. 

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