How to lay Stepping Stones

May 03, 2018
Transform your garden with little effort by creating a garden path out of stepping stones. Not a professional landscaper, don’t worry, it’s easy! Find out more here.

Product Overview: 

Natural Stepping Stones are a great addition to add character and interest to a garden or landscape project. Whether your decorating a rockery, pond area or just hoping to create a unique pathway, McMonagle Stone can offer Stepping Stones in a broad range of sizes and shapes in our Donegal Quartzite or Mountcharles Sandstone material. 


Step 1 - Layout the Stepping Stones 

Place the stepping-stones along the lawn, not spacing them too far from one another.

Step 2 - Cut away turf 

Using the stepping-stone as a template, cut away the surrounding turf to a depth of approximately 75mm.

Step 3 - Fill the area 

Fill the area with sharp sand to the depth of 30 - 35mm or use a weak semi dry mix of 5 parts sand and 1-part cement.

Step 4 - Place Stepping Stones 

Place the stepping-stone where the turf has been removed and tap down gently with a rubber mallet so that it sits just below the level of the lawn.

Step 5 - Enjoy 

Enjoy your new freshly laid pathway.

Step 6 - Watch Video