PROTECTiT Efflorescence Remover

PROTECTiT Efflorescence Remover is a powerful cleaner that removes white chalk like deposits from natural stone, concrete and brick. 

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PROTECTiT Efflorescence Remover is a powerful remover that removes efflorescence and concrete deposits from natural stone, brick and concrete. Efflorescence is a white chalk like substance that naturally occurs every now and then and although harmless it can be rather unsightly and spoil the natural beauty of your stonework or paving. 

To get a better understanding of the product and how to safely apply, we highly recommend downloading the attached PROTECTiT Efflorescence Remover technical and safety data sheets in the downloads tab prior to purchase or application. 

Please note that McMonagle Stone is solely a distributor of this product. We cannot fulfill sample requests for prepacked sealers and cleaners that contain chemical agents. Our 'Request A Sample' function is for natural stone material sample requests only. We will endeavor to meet all requests however in instances where a sample request cannot be fulfilled we will respond to advise.

SKU Sealer 2
Brand Name PROTECTiT Efflorescence Remover
Size 1 Litre or 5 Litre
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